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We work with various professional detailing stores and have put together our favorite products to use in a simple store page here. Click on the product you like to purchase through our affiliate sites. This helps us for helping other detailers and enthusiasts!

The Starter collection

This is where we began. All you need to offer a premium service that is easy and looks great here is where you can start.

  • Using a 5 gallon bucket with the gritguard inserted, mix the Optimum No Rinse in. Have lots of plush Microfiber Towels nearby, have a few in the bucket, and a few for drying. Also place the wash mitt in as well, letting it soak.
  • Wash the vehicle with the soaked microfiber towels. Once the dirt and grit are off, leave it wet to lubricate for the next step.
  • Use the clay wash mitt to remove any left over contaminants, don't rub hard, but until the paint feels smooth.
  • Follow up with dry microfibers to dry, and use the Opti-Seal to help with drying and to lay down your shine.

This Wash-Clay-Wax procedure will make you money because the results are easy to produce. For more details contact us!

Our Go To for Rinseless washing. Get yours here!
Take clay barring to the next level with the Nanoskin Fine grade wash mitt! Perfect for quickly removing many contaminents from cars paint.
Drop this in your 5 gallon bucket and keep dirt and grit at the bottom, while cleaning with your rinseless wash!
Finish up with this easy to use spray on sealant, just spray, wipe and walk away! Get it here!

For more supplies, follow the link to our affiliate

interior essentials collection

A good interior tool kit will be how you distinguish yourself quickly from others, especially in cold weather states. The trick is to find products that can do multiple jobs and do those jobs quickly! We put together a collection that can give you the ability to efficiently make interiors fresh again.

Use the methods we give you here and come up with a competitive price and work at trying to get the detail done in two hours or less.

The Basic Interior Detail Method:

  • Make sure to clear out any junk or belongings. (Have bags or something similar to put their personal belongings in for them.)
  • Thoroughly Vacuum the interior. (Recommendations on vacuums to come) start from the trunk and work your way forward, you can go from the passenger side to the drivers side, just to get your process down. Be sure to move seats forward to get far underneath them and remove and vacuum mats.
  • Using your brush and a spray bottle with the POWER CLEAN mixed to ratio, spray the carpet, making sure not to drench the carpet, but just slightly dampen to give the cleaner a chance to work on any stains. Agitate with your brush until the entire carpeted surface area you are working in is brushed. The trick here is knowing when to move on. This is not a detail that is meant to remove DEEP staining. You will a hot water extractor for more serious staining. (This is also where you need to know when to let a customer know that this is not the right package for them ahead of time). Also hit Carpet Mats with the same method.
  • Using the MEGUIAR'S LEATHER CLEANER, if you are cleaning Leather, spray cleaner on a microfiber towel, or a brush (Our choices for leather and upholstery brushes to come) and slowly agitate cleaner into the seat, starting from the bottom and working up the seat. (Spraying directly onto seats is dangerous as it can create drip lines on the leather which are difficult to remove.) Wipe with a clean microfiber. IF it is an upholstery seat use a similar method, using POWER CLEAN. Continue around the car from passenger side to driver's side like with vacuuming.
  • more to come........