Exterior Detailing

Why use the services of a professional detailer?

    • That's a good question when you can pay much less for a basic car wash or do it yourself.

Most of the quick options out there for washing your car, while they can get the job done for the most basic task of cleaning off dirt, can actually do more harm than you realize!

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Automated car washes, the kind you see at many gas stations these days, are notorious for causing fine scratches that aren't easily seen at first glance. That's because the fabric pieces used to sponge your car and dispense detergent can retain particles from previous vehicles, which then cause fine scratches and damage to YOUR car or truck. So, while you think you may be improving your car's appearance, there's a decent chance you're just adding brand new swirl marks or hazing.

Touchless Car Washes Are NOT a Safe Alternative

You may be saying "yeah but I only use touchless car washes". While safer than a standard car wash, the so-called "touchless" variety of car washes can still damage your car. The high pressure of water used by these systems can actually force contaminants across the paint surface, causing the scratches and swirl marks. Additionally, most of these touchless systems have other big disadvantages:

  1. Many systems use recycled water that do not completely filter out all the dirt/debris. If I asked if you cared about blasting your car with dirty water containing debris, you'd look at me like I was crazy. Yet, that's what people are doing!
  2. These systems often use high concentrations of soap, since they have a one size-fits-all mentality. Combined with the fact that the detergent used is not high quality, it can strip the surface protection ability of your vehicle.
  3. They do a terrible job of thoroughly drying your vehicle. I'm sure you've seen how these touchless systems leave water spots and hard water deposits on your vehicle, which can be frustrating to completely remove.
  4. Finally, even with all these drawbacks, there remains one huge factor: they frequently don't even completely clean the vehicle! What's the point of paying for a carwash it's not even going to do a good job? In particular, they're notorious for not cleaning the side skirts or lower portions of the vehicle.

When it comes down to it, automated car washes simply don't get the job done. A manual hand wash is a much better option, and proud owners often enjoy doing it themselves. However, our training, experience and access to professional grade products allow us to deliver the best possible results for your vehicle. A car or truck with an exterior that has been truly well-maintained can literally add thousands of dollars to its value!

What We Provide

    • We offer a full suite of services to restore and protect your car's exterior:
  • Hand Wash: using only the finest products that are pH neutral and will not cause any harm to your paint, we properly clean all dirt and grime from your vehicle, as well as remove any contaminants such as sap or bird droppings (left unattended, the acid can eat away at the clear coat). We also thoroughly dry your vehicle using gentle microfiber towels to avoid any streaking or spotting.
  • Hand Wax: we apply high-quality carnauba wax to give your vehicle's exterior a fantastic shine that will deliver a deep "wet" look to your paint that really allows the color to pop, while also providing a healthy, long-lasting layer of protection from the elements.
  • Paint Correction: there is a wide spectrum in regards to how aggressive you need to be when it comes to paint correction, depending on the condition of the paint. Oftentimes, removing swirl marks can reduce/remove all of haziness and by itself can produce dramatic before and after results. In more severe cases, a more aggressive polishing is required to address scratches or other surface defects.

Exterior Services Starting at $159

Best of all, we do all of this at YOUR CONVENIENCE. We will determine an arrangement with you that makes it possible for you receive the finest car detailing service on your schedule.

We pride ourselves as true professional automotive detailers who are satisfied by nothing less than perfection. Contact us today!

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